The Go Pro Wildlife Removal team is committed to offering the highest quality wildlife expertise and remediation services such as attic decontamination, insulation replacement and professional sanitation services.

Attic Restoration Services

Having an unwanted animal in your attic is more common than you might think. Animals tend to seek shelter that is safe in structure and comfortable rather than being exposed to the dangerous elements of the outdoors. It may be desirable in some situations to clean your attic to erase the damage unwelcome visitors have caused. They can leave behind remnants such as urine, hair, large amounts of droppings and more that can lead to insects taking their place. For a safe and sanitized attic space, these remnants must be carefully removed followed by a thorough sanitation and disinfection.

It’s important to replace the soiled insulation with new, clean insulation to eliminate hidden waste and odor. After removing the animal and its remnants, replacing the insulation is the next step of the cleaning process. This will leave the attic clean and still properly insulate your home.

Dangers of a Contaminated Attic

  • Mold Growth

  • Damage to wood or sheetrock

  • Soiled Insulation

  • Cause of Diseases

  • Hazardous Odors

  • Further Home Damage


After all droppings and soiled materials are removed, the next step is disinfecting the attic, and in some situations, using a deodorizer. Cleanup and sanitation is the solution to prevent further wildlife intrusions.