Beavers, known as North America’s largest rodent, know a thing or two about destruction. While you won’t find them hiding in your attic or eating your drywall, they do know how to cause damage to the land outside of your home. Beavers live in bodies of water including ponds, lakes, rivers and other wetland areas. Go Pro Wildlife Removal is an experienced and knowledgeable team ready to help with the identification or removal of unwanted guests. We have the necessary tools and resources to protect your home and implement beaver control or exclusion options.

Property damage caused by beavers

Prevent Property Damage with Go Pro

If beavers have invaded your property, there are a few key signs that could help identify their presence. You may notice gnawed branches, fallen trees or piles of wood. It’s important to act quickly before they cause extensive damage to your property. Go Pro Wildlife offers several humane and safe solutions for managing pesky beavers.

  • Culvert Fencing

  • Tree Wrapping

  • Pond Leveling